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Gatherered here you will find an assortment of Internet Fish Stories. Collected in 1995 but many of them like the fish they represent are now DEAD. We update links when the owners care enough about their pages to let us know they have moved, changed URL's or otherwise continue on the net. You can tell the ones that started with a good idea but not the committment to maintain it, they have a "fishy smell" but no show. Some were documented at their own URL's. Some were documented in magazines of the paper kind often used to wrap fish. Some were documented in magazines of the digital kind, really messes up the PC or Mac if you wrap fish in them. Still others are documented through the ages by word of mouth and reproduced here electronically.
We hope you enjoy the selection and will free to contribute you own.

Amazing Fish Stories

Fish facts from "Incredible Fishing Stories" {Workman Publishing},by Jared Lee

Fishy Links and Things of a Fishy Nature

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