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Kella and Adolph have worked with emotionally disturbed and behavior disordered adolescents in both in-patient and out-patient hospitalization programs.
They bring a combined 40 years of experience to their presentations.
Doctor Simonin taught English and Reading at the Greenwell Springs Special School District #1 Evolutions Therapeutic Day Treatment Programs where she also conducted Therapeutic Drama Activities sessions with adolescent patients.
Mr.Voigt provided clinical and technical assistance to the Louisiana Office of Mental Health Therapeutic Day Treatment programs and Louisiana Office of Public Health School Based Health Centers .
The team offers workshops and training in:

Therapeutic Drama Activities
Opening Pandora's Box
Conflict Resolutions Skills
Refusal Skills
Negotiation Skills
Study Guides

One Take Productions provides teachers, social workers, psychologist, and other mental health professionals an opportunity to provide emotionally and behaviorally disordered children and adolescents with a proven method for enhancing self esteem and affording them with a safe effective way to begin and enhance the work of traditional individual or group therapy. For teachers in the classroom Therapeutic Drama Activities provide students with a fun, structured opportunity to try out new behaviors and receive immediate positive feedback from peers and other teachers.

Participants will learn many useful techniques and skills through simulation and hands-on activities and games.
Workshops and seminars vary in length from 2 to 6 hours.
The team fees are available on request based on distance and number participants.

Therapeutic Drama Activities
Opening Pandora's Box
Conflict Resolutions Skills
Refusal Skills
Negotiation Skills
Study Guide OnLine

One Take Productions

In this seminar participants will learn some basic theory of Drama Therapy and how Therapeutic Drama sessions differ. Participants will participation both formal (unstructured) and formal (structured) exercises. Participants will learn how to use and adapt commercially available materials for use in classrooms or and adjuncts to traditional group therapy sessions. (2-4 hours)

In this workshop participants will learn to stage a production of the play PANDORA'S BOX complete with masks, costumes and props. Each participant will create a mask for his/her character and decorate it. A costume will be provided by OTP. The cast will rehearse the script and then present the play which will be videotaped. Following the production, cast members will view themselves. This session promotes teamwork, co-operation, compromise, sharing and self-esteem. The simulated violence allows participants to control aggressive behavior and learn how to actuate in a positive manner.(4-6) hours

Participants will learn to teach the basic skills for resolving conflicts. Each skill is reinforced through role-playing games, simulations, and open-ended plays. Participants will learn the six quick fixes, as well as how to read body language and tone of voice.
Emphasis will be placed on learning how to use "messages" and identifying a person's needs and positions in order to find solutions to problems. Participants also learn how to brainstorm for solutions and how to develop win/win solutions through role-playing, simulations and exercises. (4-6 hours)

Participants will learn how to help adolescents to stay out of trouble, stay in control, and keep their friends. They will learn how to teach adolescents to become STARs. That is they will learn the skills to STOP, THINK, ACTin a RESPONSIBLE way, and REVIEW the choice they made. After making a Troubles list adolescent participants will learn the skills for refusing peer pressure and practice them using role-playing games, simulations, and open-ended plays. (2-4 hours)

Participants will learn teaching techniques to show adolescents how to ask for what they want and how to negotiate a compromise that develops win/win situations. After learning the skills for negotiating, participants practice them using role-playing games, simulations, and open-ended plays. (2 hours)

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