The Complete Story of Pearls in Mexico

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Directions: Circle the correct answer

1.Pearls personify

a.virtue, wisdom, power, and wealth.

b.Greed, power, and ignorance.

c.Glory, honor, and belief

2.Pearls are considered

a.“Queens of Oysters.”

b.“Queen of Gems.”

c.“Queen of Hearts.”

3.The pearls of Mexico are found in

a.the Sea of California.

b.the Sea of Vermillion.

c.The Sea of Cortez.

4.The pearls of Mexico are known as pearls.

b.Purple pearls.

c.Rainbow pearls.

5.One of the most famous pearls found in the Americas was

a.“The Great Seagull.”

b.“The Wanderer.”

c.“King Phillip’s Pearl.”

6.After the Mexican Revolution, pearls had to be obtained from

a.Having Yaqui and Siro Indians dive into water to get them.

b.Several success pearl farmers in the region.

c.Pancho Villa, who took over the industry.

7.Mexican Pearls are born out of two native Pearl Oyster species:

a.the Aztec and the Mayan.

b.The Guaymas and Pinctada.

c.The Black-Lipped and the Rainbow-Lipped.

8.The first commercial pearl farm on the American continent began in




9.The ITESM/Perlas de Guaymas pearl farm is located in


b.Bacochibampo Bay.


10.By the year 2002, the ITESM pearl farm will produce ___________yearly.

Map Activity

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Directions: Using the map of the Baja Peninsula, answer the following questions.

The scale is 2cm=100miles

1.The historic mining town of El Triunfo is about ___miles from LaPaz.

a.50 miles

b.25 miles


2.The Vista Point #18 is about ___miles above LaPaz.

a.50 miles

b.25 miles

c.10 miles

3.You can go whale watching at

a.San Jose del Cabo.

b.Scammon’s Lagoon.


4.The Tres Vigenes Volcano is between the towns of

a.Santa Rosalia and Melege.

b.Santa Ingnacio and Santa Rosalia.

c.Melege and Loreto.

5.You will find some excellent desert vegetation near

a.the Catvina Boiler Fields.

b.The Nopala Resort Development.

c.The mission ruins of El Rosario.

6.The Tropic of Cancer Monument is located between

a.Santiago and San Jose del Cabo.

b.Santiago and El Triunfo.

c.Santiago and Todos Santos.

7.The only zoo on the baja Peninsula is located in

a.San Diego.

b.La Paz.


8.The Botanical gardens are near the town of


b.Todos Santos.

c.San Jose del Cabo.

9.You can see a Fine Scenic View of Bahia Concepcion near the town of


b.Tres Vigenes.


10.If you stay at the historic Rosarito Beach Hotel, you will be able to see what two things on a day trip?

a.mission ruins and desert vegetation.

b.El Mirador and La Bufadora.

c.Catavina Boiler Fields and Scammon’s Lagoon.

Scorpion As A Symbol

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Directions: Circle the correct answer

1.The scorpion is an emblem of



c.Both of the above.

2.The scorpion’s venom is used as a symbol

a.of nourishment.

b.for people who cause harm with their tongues.

c.on shields and banners

3.In Christian art the scorpion represents

a.heresy and Judas.

b.Roman soldiers.

c.The Crucifixion.

4.During the Middle Ages the scorpion served as an anti-Semtic symbol

a.for Satan.

b.of the Jews.

c.of the Christians.

5.In symbolism the scorpion’s sting

a.tends to be life-giving.

b.Tends to be nurturing.

c.Tends to be fatal.

6.In the Bible scorpions are used as synonyms for

a.venemous snakes.

b.B.Satan and wicked people.

c.Both of the above.

7.Scorpio (the scorpion) is the eigth sign of the Zodiac and rules the period between

a.November 23-December 22.

b.October 24-November 22.

c.October 1-December1.

8.Scorpio is considered the

a.enemy of light and solar gods or heroes.

b.The companion of Artemis.

c.Good guy in mythology.

9.Amulets in the form of scorpions were worn in many cultures as

a.a symbol of maternal sacrifice.

b.A symbol of protection against eveil.

c.A symbol of death.

10.In the book of Revelation the scorpion sting attached to crickets.

b.Is a seal of God.

c.Is an instrument of divine retibution.

What Makes a Pearl Valuable?

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Directions:Through the magic of teacher dust, you are now a pearl buyer in the city of La Paz.A native pearl diver named Kino has just come to you with what he calls the pearl of the world.As an experienced pearl buyer, you know that a pearl has to have six qualities to be valuable.They are








Now go back into the novel and find descriptions of Kino’s pearl and compare it to the six qualities lited above.







After comparing Kino’s Pearl to the six qualities, was it valuable or not?

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