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======== The Scout Report ==

======== June 16, 2000 ====

======== Volume 7, Number 5 ======

====== Internet Scout Project ========

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== I N T H E S C O U T R E P O R T T H I S W E E K ========

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== Index for June 16, 2000 ==

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1. Scout Report for Social Sciences and Business & Economics

_Scout Report for Social Sciences_


_Scout Report for Business & Economics_


2. _Climate Change Impacts on the United States_ [.pdf]


3. National Statistics: the Official United Kingdom Statistics Site


4. "Reforming Welfare and Rewarding Work: A Final Report on the

Minnesota Family Investment Program" [.pdf]

Press Release:


Summary Report:

Findings in Brief

Full Report [.pdf, 58 pages]:


5. Gray's Anatomy -- Bartleby.com


6. _HIV/AIDS: A threat to work, productivity, and development_ --

ILO [.pdf, 630K]


7. 1841 A Census of Prince Edward Island


8. "Deposition of Air Pollutants to the Great Waters, Third Report

to Congress, June 2000" -- EPA [.pdf]


EPA Great Waters Program


9. ArtStar.com Library


10. National Tourism Database


11. A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995 [.pdf]

12. _United States Department of Justice Investigation of Recent

Allegations Regarding the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King,

Jr._ [.pdf]


13. The Guatemalan Military: What the US Files Reveal -- NSA


14. The George Raper Collection [MS Word, MrSID Online Viewer]


15. AFI's 100 Years 100 Laughs


16. StudentReel.com [QuickTime]


17. allmagicguide [RealPlayer]


18. How To Eliminate The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats:

The Experts' Consensus -- SANS [MS Word]


19. Shockwave 8/ Flash 4 Players


20. CNET Music Center


21. Security Lapses Continue at Los Alamos

"How Nuclear Secrets Disappeared" -- _New York Times_


Missing Data -- Online NewsHour [RealPlayer]


Testimony Before Senate Select Intelligence Committee and Senate

Energy and Natural Resources Committee


"Missing nuclear data is vital to bomb sleuths" -- _San Jose Mercury News_


"Lost Hard Drives Crash Richardson's V.P. Hopes" -- _Los Angeles Times_


"Nuclear Nightmare" -- _Washington Post_


"The vanishing hard drives" -- _Tulsa World_


"Secrets Still Wandering" -- _Los Angeles Times_


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