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The Pearl by John Steinbeck
CyberGuide written by
Linda Taggart-Fregoso


Congratulations! You have just won a very large sum of money. Will your life change now? Everyone knows you have won the lottery.

Note: With your teacher, please review your school's acceptable use policy for work on the Internet. Also, links to the web often change. Tell your teacher when you find a poor link in this guide.

The Task: Create a Diary About Winning Big

Explain how your win will affect your life. Will you travel around the world? Buy a new house? How will others treat you? What types of problems might you encounter? How will the wealth change you?

To explore these issues, you will create an imaginary diary for the events of five days in your life. Two of the the days will be before your big win, and three days will be after you receive the money.

The Process: Exploring the Web, Creating a Product

Write diary entries for two days of your life now.

Each diary entry should have a date and at least two paragraphs about the day.

Write your diary in the first person.( I/we). Include

  • normal activities
  • feelings
  • thoughts
Read the reports on big money winners to get an idea for what they experience.
  • Athlete is Big Winner on 'The Price is Right'            LIVE link
  • Bowling: Bowlers,
  • Charities
  • Both Will Be Events' Big Winners



    Pretend you are a big money winner. Add three entries to your journal after the big win.

    • Include: 
      • the events
      • your emotions
      • thoughts
    Revise and edit your diary before you hand it in.

    Use your imagination to make your paper diary look like a real diary.

    • Each diary entry should have a date and at least two paragraphs about the day.
    • Entries should reflect any emotional, mental, or physical changes you undergo in the process of acquiring the money., or after you receive it.
    • Your entries should describe a pattern in the lives of the winners--an idea that you have drawn from your readings

    How You Will Be Graded

    Criteria yes no
    Dates are included.
    Resembles a diary.
    At least, two paragraphs are written per entry.
    There are five entries
    There is a pattern in the lives of the winners as reflected in your readings

    Revise until all answers are yes.

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