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The Pearl by John Steinbeck
unit written by
Linda Taggart-Fregoso



Juana and Kino´s child is dead. Imagine their great sense of loss. A thoughtful letter of condolence is both a tribute to the deceased and a source of comfort and courage to the living.

Note: With your teacher, please review your school's acceptable use policy for work on the Internet. Also, links to the web often change. Tell your teacher when you find a poor link in this guide.

The Task:Write a Letter of Condolence

Compose a letter to Juana and/or Kino expressing your sadness over their loss. A good letter is like a visit on paper. Use your usual vocabulary and phrasing.

The Process: Exploring the Web, Creating a Product

A letter of condolence should:
  • Acknowledge the loss
  • Express your sympathy
  • Note special qualities of the deceased
  • Recount a memory about the deceased
  • Note special qualities of the bereaved (the person who is sad about the loss)
  • Offer assistance
  • Close with a thoughtful word or phrase
Visit the sites with examples of condolences listed below: Write a letter of condolence to Juana and Kino.

Revise the letter.

Turn in a final copy typed or written neatly in ink.

How You Will Be Graded

Letter Includes: Yes No
Note Special Qualities of the Deceased
Recountt a Memory of the Deceased
Note Special Qualities of the Bereaved
Offer Assistance
Close With a Thoughtful Word or Phrase
Demonstrate control of grammar, paragraph and sentence structure, diction, and usage.
Revise until all answers are yes.
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