Special Education Super Conference  2001

Creating Materials from the Internet 
for use in the
English Classroom

Useful Internet Sites for Teachers

Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and HomePage.

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Wizard of OZ(complete e-text on this disk)

Digital Gutenberg Bible The British Library has two complete copies of the Gutenberg Bible and a small but important fragment of a third copy.  One copy, printed on paper, was transferred in 1829 to the British Library with the library of King George III (1738-1820). The other copy, printed on vellum, was bequeathed by Thomas Grenville (1755-1846). In March 2000, ten researchers and technical experts from Keio University in Tokyo and from NTT spent two weeks in The British Library creating digital images of the two Bibles and the other related items. The British Library is grateful for the support received from its Japanese partners.

English Literature Sites:

Hypertext Project

BUBL Information Service

Buley Library

American Literature Anthology Writers' Index

American Literature on the Web (located in Japan)

Library of Congress


Internet 101 - Hoax Prevention Sites
Anti-Virus, Hoax, Myth, Fraud, Chain Letter and Anti-Spam Sites

These sites are designed  to be a quick reference and to educate you about the latest happenings in all areas of Anti-Virus, Hoax, Myth, Fraud, Chain Letter and Anti-Spam occurring on the Internet.
Please use them BEFORE you e-mail that "Warning" to everyone on your e-mail list.

Department of Energy: Computer Incident Advisory Capability


Symantec Antivirus Research Center

McAfee Online Security Service

F-Secure Corporation

These sites provide picture files according by categories.

URL: http://www.webshots.com/

URL: http://www.yahooligans.com

Search the Internet:

Internet Content for the Classroom
The MarcoPolo program provides no-cost, standards-based Internet content for the K-12 teacher and classroom, developed by the nation's content experts. Online resources include panel-reviewed links to top sites in many disciplines, professionally developed lesson plans, classroom activities, materials to help with daily classroom planning, and powerful search engines.

What you Really want, Really Fast!
All the Sites
Very fast and claims to be the only search engine on the Internet to search EVERY page on the Internet.

You get a whole reference desk on a web page. There are forms for
multiple dictionaries; thesaurus; translators; biography and quotation
lookups; geographical tools, i.e. maps; telephone number lookups; CIA

Write Lessons Over the Internet!
e-Tutor is providing a great opportunity for teachers to write lessons that will benefit
themselves and their students. When you write a fully complete lesson, that is accepted for use by
e-Tutor at http://www.e-tutor.com , you will receive $25 in cash and entry into the e-Tutor circle of writers.
In addition, your students can access your lessons from school and from home. The easy-to-use template
and details for writing instructional lessons can be found at LessonPro.net, http://www.lessonpro.net.
Instructions will also be sent to you through e-mail once you sign up to write lessons.
Please pass this opportunity on to friends and colleagues.
Martha Angulo, e-Tutor, Inc.
1524 So. Prospect Ave., Park Ridge, IL 60068

Teaching Web-based Research Skills:
The Virtual Chase offers a new instructional Web on teaching Web-based research skills. Designed for
Internet trainers, educators, or librarians, the teaching Web provides resources and activities for a full-day
workshop on teaching patrons, children, and just about anyone, how to conduct research on the Web.
Visit the home page to learn how to use this free resource in your non-profit classes.
View Home Page (on this disk).

Seek n Find
SeeknFind is a mailing list where subscribers help other subscribers find information in the Internet.
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The Net-Happenings mailing list is a service of the Internet Scout Project

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Archives for Net-Happenings can be found at

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