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There are many new, interesting and fun things to do
in the City of Baton Rouge.
We hope that this Greater Baton Rouge Louisiana City Guide and Internet Rest Area
will become for you, a favorite place to get off the cyber surfboard.
Relax and enjoy the many faces and moods of Baton Rouge and Louisiana. 
Please take some time to enjoy these Historic Places
in the Greater Baton Rouge Louisiana Area.
This site is designed to be viewed best with a Southern Browser,
that is, take your time, smell the magnolias, listen to the music and Louisiana Sound Tracks.
Visit often, for like Baton Rouge Louisiana, there will always be unexpected bits of
Louisiana lagniappe to discover throughout this site.

Almost Live Cam Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras 2016In Progress!!

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The Real Baton Rouge

Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bridge and Link to Views of Baton Rouge
The Greater Baton Rouge Louisiana Bridge is the gateway to the city for travelers coming from the West. The shopping that is available in the Greater Baton Rouge area to those travelers will amaze them and you with a wide variety of unusual shops and services. Check the local traffic, weather, then find a hotel in Baton Rouge, New Orleans or surrounding areas.

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Louisiana Flowers
The state flower, the Magnolia, is found abundantly in Baton Rouge and all areas of the state. In addition to the wonderful aroma that wafts ever so subtly into the night air, there are many restaurants in the Greater Baton Rouge Louisiana area that will provide you with the hearty aromas and taste of South Louisiana cooking. If you want good aromas floating around your kitchen, check these recipes ,but before you set out for your favorite restaurant,check to see traffic congestion problems.

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Old State Capital Link
This Gothic Revival castle, built in 1849 was reported to be the"ugliest"building on the Mississippi river by none other than Mark Twain. Restored in 1882 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks in 1976. A more recent restoration of the building was completed in early 1995 and the building is open again to the public. The magnificent Fleur de Lis iron fence renovation was completed in 2008. There are a great many things of beauty to see in and around Baton Rouge and at the Old State Capitol.

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Hot Air Balloon Championships

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The Real Baton Rouge

A Party 300 + Years in the Making!
Baton Rouge celebrated its 200th Statehood Birthday in 2012.
If you haven't made it to Louisiana yet, join us for our year long celebrations,
Plan on visiting us during the year 2016, there's always something going on!

The Real Baton Rouge

There are always lots of International exhibits and festivals honoring our French Culture and Heritage
throughout the year.
To receive Baton Rouge Event Materials call
1.800.LA.Rouge extention: #502

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The Real Baton Rouge

The Real Baton Rouge

U.S.S. Kidd Link
U.S.S.Kidd and Nautical Historic Center
located on the Mississippi directly across from the Old State Capitol and the Baton Rouge Red Stick Fountain is open to the public.
The ship provides an opportunity for young and old alike to go aboard a World War II Fletcher Class Destroyer.
The USS Kidd survived many battles, including a fierce kamikaze attack.
Here are some more things to do in and around Greater Baton Rouge.

The Real Baton Rouge

New State Capital and Link to Legislature
The New Capitol Building begun in 1930 by Huey P. Long and completed in 1932 is the tallest state capitol in the United States. It provides panoramic views of Baton Rouge and the Mississippi from it's 27th floor observation deck. You may be able to see where you want to stay and you can certainly see the main campus ofLouisiana State University to the south and Southern University to the north, and our new Baton Rouge Community College.
Take a tour of theCapital building or see Baton Rouge from theTOP of the Capital.(Requires RealAudio 7 and High Speed connection)

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Mansion with Fence,click to visit fenceless mansion
State of Louisiana
Governor's Mansion

If that doesn't appeal to you, tune in to Baton Rouges' Best Music stations. You'll like what you hear.
WBRH 90.3 FM Smooth Jazz in the City
KBRH 1260 AM Classic Rhythm and Blues
Or check out Who's Who on Strictly Red Stick

The Real Baton Rouge

Links to other Louisiana Cities
Virtual Louisiana City Links Map
Baton Rouge is located in the central part of the state and is a good location to make your home base when you come to visit Louisiana. Because of its central location, all of Louisiana's major population centers, historical sites, festivals and other places of interest are located within a 2-3 hour drive. Take a look at Baton Rouge Mardi Gras or some of these placesto visit. or try these Virtual Louisiana Links.
Check local Louisiana newspapers to see what going on.

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The Greater Baton Rouge Internet Rest Area and City Guide since 1995 !
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The Real Baton Rouge


Welcome N'awlins
1927,Katrina,Rita 2005,Gustave 2008, BP 2010
South Louisiana and Gulf Coast
Stay Safe, Again.

"We are not O.K.
2010: Louisiana Devastation Continues - BP Oil Spill"
We are not O.K. 2010: Louisiana BP Disaster continues.

These pages are always "under improvement ".
Thank you for taking the time to visit. If you didn't see what you want, please drop us a line. Our e-mail address appears at the bottom of each page, not that original, but it works.

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