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Recreation and Park Commission

3140 N. Sherwood Forest Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
The Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge was created by a State Legislative Act in 1946 as a separate and distinct body whose purpose is to develop, maintain and operate public park and recreational properties and facilities for all the people in East Baton Rouge Parish. BREC is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana and does not operate under the City-Parish Government. 

Money for financing land purchases, construction of facilities, maintenance, and the operation of many varied programs is obtained from tax voted on by the citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish, and from income from facilities, concessions and programs. Other funds come from local governmental agencies and the federal government. 

The Commission is composed of nine members, six of whom are appointed, two each year, to serve a three-year term, by the Metro Council; and three of whom are ex-officio members, these being the Mayor-President, a member of the School Board, and a member of the City-Parish Planning Commission. The Commisssion members receive no compensation for their services, but accept their appointments in the interest of civic betterment. 

Programs, facilities and services of BREC are available to all citizens regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.



City Park Lake - 2549 Dalrymple
Doyle's Bayou -  7801 Pride Port Hudson
Greenwood Lake - 13350 Highway 19
North Sherwood Lake -  3140 N. Sherwood Forest 


Independence Park - 225-928-7860
North Sherwood Forest - 225-275-0568
Webb Park -  225-344-2130


Alaska Street -  225-346-1311
Anna T. Jordan - 225-775-1707
Colonial Courts -  225-355-5909
Expressway -  225-343-7110
Highland - 225-767-4003
Independence -  225-928-7860
Jefferson Hwy. -  225-926-9834
Lovett Road - 225-261-0126
North Sherwood Forest - 225-275-0568
Sharlo Terrace - 225-766-6666
Sharp Road -  225-273-3924
Turner Plaza -  225-926-0553 


City Park 1442 City Park Avenue 225-387-9523
Clark Park Baker/Scotlandville Highway, Baker Louisiana  225-775-9008
Dumas, Greenwood Park, Lavey Lane, Baker   225-775-9166
Howell Park 5511 Winbourne 225-357-9292
Santa Maria 19301 Perkins Road 225-752-9667
Webb Park 1351 Country Club Drive 225-383-4919


City Park  225-344-4501
Forest Park  225-756-3312
Greenwood Park, Baker, LA  225-778-4040
Highland Road  225-766-0247
Independence  225-923-2792
Palomino  225-261-4084

BREC PARKS (*Wooded Acreage, currently nature park)

Acadian Thruway Acadian Thruway
Airline 17200 Airline Highway
Alaska 3014 Alaska Street
Alexander 1001 Old Rafe Meyer
Anna T. Jordon 1750 Stilt Street
Antioch 6229 Antioch Boulevard
Avenue F* Avenue F, Zachary, Louisiana
Avenue M 10059 Avenue M
Baker 4331 Jefferson Street
Baker Center 1420 Alabama Street
Barringer 7401 Barringer Road
Baywood 20001 Pride-Baywood
Belfair 4390 Fairfields Avenue
Ben Burge 1701 Gardere Lane
Byrd Station 2623 Michelli Street
Blueberry 1900 N. Ardenwood
Bluebonnet 11037 N. Oak Hills Parkway
Boulevard De Province Boulevard De Province
Brookfield* Brookfield Avenue
Brooks 1650 Fannie Street
Brown Heights 11500 Ellen Drive
Buchanan 2300 Buchanan Street
Burbank* Burbank Drive
Cadillac 6117 Cadillac Street
Camelot 3166 Lancelot Drive
Cedarcrest 2490 Silverest Drive
Cedar Ridge 13301 Cedar Ridge Drive
Chamberlain 16900 Chamberlain Street
Church 3210 Church Street
City 1442 City Park Avenue
Clark 2455 Thomas Road
Clifford T. Seymour Highway 19
Cohn Arboretum 12206 Foster Road
Cohn Preserve* 12206 Foster Road
College Town 201 Amherst Street
Colonial Courts 5655 McClelland Street
Comite River 8900 Hooper Road
Congress* Congress at Jamestown
Corporate 333 East Grant
Cortana Place* 9300 Cortana Place
Crestaire Dr.* Crestaire Drive
Cunard 2290 Cunard Avenue
Dayton Dayton at Scenic
Dover 7300 Dover Street
Doyles Bayou 7801 Pride-Pt. Hudson
Droz Road 7700 Droz Road
Drusilla 2546 Drusilla Lane
Duchess 1701 Duchess Drive
East Polk 1700 East Polk Street
East Brookstown 4300 East Brookstown
Eastgate Eastgate Drive
Edwards* 2900 Edwards Avenue
Elvin 8350 Antigua Drive
Erich Sternberg Round Oak Subdivision
Evangeline 4201 Evangeline Street
Expressway 935 South 11th Street
Farr/HAC 6400 River Road
Fiesta 1000 Fiesta Court
Flannery 801 Flannery Road
Flonacher* Flonacher Road
Forest Park 13950 South Harrells Ferry
Fortune-Addition 5900 Peerless Street
Forty-Eighth 628 North 48th Street
Gayosa 2129 Gayosa
Gentilly Court 14443 Gentilly Court
Goldsby Field 1502 Foss Street
Goodwood 6025 Seven Oaks Drive
Greenwell Springs 7550 Shady Park Drive
Greenwood 13350 Hwy. 19
Gus Young 4200 Gus Young Avenue
Harding 4037 Harding Street
Highland 14024 Highland Road
Highland Creek Highland Creek Road
Hooper Road 6261 Guynell Drive
Howell 5509 Winbourne Avenue
Hunters Point* Hunters Point Drive
Independence 7500 Independence Boulevard
Industriplex* Industriplex Extension
Jackson 12250 Sullivan Road
James Watson 10800 Foster Road
Jefferson 3503 Jefferson Street
Jefferson Highway 8133 Jefferson Highway
Jefferson Terrace 10202 Cal Road
Jones Creek Old Hammond at Jones Creek
Kathy 1801 Kathy Drive
Kendalwood* 26501 Kendalwood Road
Kernan Kernan Avenue
Kerr Warren 4100 Geronimo Street
Kolby Central Wood Subdivision
Lafayette 151 Lafayette Street
Lafitte 400 Lafitte Street
Lafitte Hill* 628 Jean Lafitte Avenue
Lanier 3901 Lanier Drive
Lebrent* 6401 Lebrent Avenue
Leeward 4800 Menlo Drive
Ligon 21600 Ligon Road
Little Farms 3754 Little Farms Road
Longfellow 5201 Longfellow Drive
Longridge Longridge at Newcastle
Louisiana/Claycut 6998 Antioch Road
Lovett 13443 Lovett Road
Madison 1820 Madison Avenue
Magnolia Cemetery 422 North 19th Street
Magnolia Mound 2161 Nicholson Drive
Manchac 19010 Old Jefferson
Maplewood 8200 Maplewood Avenue
Mary Ruth Mary Ruth Avenue
Mayfair 650 Flora Lane
Meadow 8300 Meadow Park Drive
Meadow Bend* Burbank Drive
Memorial Stadium 1702 Foss Street
Monte Sano 2701 Greenwell Street
Myrtle 5408 Myrtle Street
Nairn/Valley 2900 Valley Street
North Street 4100 North Street
North Boulevard 1640 North Boulevard
North 14th 100 North 14th Street
North 18th 1801 Gayosa Street
North Baton Rouge Center 2013 Central Boulevard
North Sherwood Forest 3140 North Sherwood Forest Boulevard
Old Hammond 8900 Old Hammond Highway
Palomino 14100 Palomino Drive
Parklawn 12248 Parklawn Avenue
Parkview 9000 N. Parkview Drive
Pawnee 2100 Scenic at Pawnee
Perkins/Olympia 7122 Perkins Road
Pinehurst Pinehurst Drive
Plank 19550 Plank Road
Pride 15971 Pride-Port Hudson Road
Progress 802 N. 30th Street
Quarter Horse* Quarter Horse Drive
Railey Rhosto 11601 Norway Drive
Reames 23223 Reams Road
Red Oaks 2100 Greenoaks Drive
Rio 6900 W. Rio Drive
Rita 2315 Rita Street
River Bend* River Bend Subdivision
Rollins 5794 Rollins Road
Roosevelt 1011 W. Roosevelt Street
Saia 855 Donmoor Drive
Samuel D Agostino 10300 Scott Avenue
Santa Maria 19301 Perkins Road
Scotlandville 1110 Scotlandville, Baker, Louisiana
Seventeenth Street 1385 North 17th Street
Seventh Seventh Street
Sharlo Terrace 4915 Alvin Dark Drive
Sharp 501 Sharp Road
South 15th 520 South 15th Street
South Harrells Ferry South Harrels Ferry at Knox B
South Magnolia 2409 South Magnolia
Spain 2101 Spain Street
Spanish Town 1300 Spanish Town Road
Sports Academy 1002 Laurel Street
Stanford 901 Stanford Street
Starwood Court* Starwood Court
Sugarland 4700 Sugar Land Drive
Tams 11600 Tams Drive
T.D. Bickham Felicity Street, Baker, Louisiana
Terrace 7000 Terrace Street
Thirty-Ninth 3451 39th Street
Thomas A. Maher 8200 Oakview Drive
Tristan 5209 Tristan Avenue
Turner Plaza 4456 North Street
Tuscarora 4200 Tuscarora
Warren O. Watson Baker Estates
Webb 1351 Country Club Drive
Wenonah 3300 Wenonah Street
West Brookstown 4500 East Brookstown
Woodlawn Acres 6300 Woodlawn Acres Avenue
Woodstock* Highway 30
Wray* Ridgewood Drive
Yatasi Yatasi Drive
Zoo 13350 Hwy 19/Thomas Road

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